Thursday, October 13, 2011

Glass Etched Lantern

I think this is one of my favorite projects so far.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this turned out.  I just wish pictures did it justice.  I tried so many different ways to take them and it is just so hard to capture the beauty of it.  I hope you can get the idea.  I bought this lantern on clearance well over a year ago and with the intention of etching the glass sides, but I just never seemed to find the time.  I was finally “forced” into getting it done when a fellow crafter asked me to come to a holiday sale she was holding for the local Senior Community Center.  I told her I didn’t really make things to sell, I just do it as  a hobby, but she told me I better get busy whipping some stuff up.  So I said to myself, “Self, get off your butt and get these projects done that you have been wanting to get done!”  and so I did.  I will post some pics of the other stuff I made too, but this was my favorite.  All of the images (not the sentiment) on the lantern were cut from the Pagoda cartridge, and they just worked so well.   The sentiment “walk where your heart leads you” came from a picture I found on the web and I used MTC to cut the stencil.  Materials needed for this project were:

Pagoda Cricut Cartridge
Transfer Tape (clear contact paper)
Armor Etch
Stiff, Flat Head Brush
Sentiment of Your Choice
Cricut Expression
Make the Cut Software

Oh, and a side note…as I was cleaning the etching cream off of the last panel (in the sink) I dropped it and busted the panel I was cleaning!!!  I was sooooooo sick about it.  I actually went and had a piece of glass cut so I could re-do it.  It didn’t sell at the holiday sale (sadly we didn’t have a good turnout) but I was kind of relieved LOL.  I don’t have anywhere to put it, but I think it would make a really good gift for someone at Christmas; what do you think?  Would it be something you would like to get?

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  1. OH! That is very pretty. I haven't done any etching...I'm gonna have to give it a try.
    Yes, it would make a gorgeous gift! I don't have anywhere to put it either. TFS