Sunday, December 6, 2009

Radio City Christmas Spectacular!!!

My parents came to visit this weekend. We had a fabulous time. Friday night we went to 21 and Main, a gourmet restaurant in Elkin, and stuffed ourselves silly. The food is fabulous. Saturday we went to see the Rockettes in Winston Salem. I purchased tickets for my parents birthdays (yes both in December!). We had a great time! The show was great, but we were disappointed that it was only an hour and twenty minutes LOL. We could have handled another 30 minutes or so J. The show started at 4:00 so we left at 2:00 to make sure we had plenty of time to allow for traffic, parking and finding our seats. We got there in plenty of time and then they started the show late anyway! Prior to the show these girls came around taking complimentary pictures (no, really truly complimentary! – OK, this may not be new, but I have never heard of it before). I have included the one of me and my husband. They would scan these cards and then take your picture and then tell you to go online 24 hours later, enter the code on the card and your picture is there. It can be saved, printed, emailed, whatever…all for nothing. Anyway, I thought this one turned out pretty good and I hate having my picture taken…I like to be behind the camera.

I think I got some great shots of the show, but haven’t downloaded them to my computer yet, but I will post some later. I may try to get to it tonight. Anyway, after the show we ate at a local pizza restaurant and then when we got home Mom and I started crafting!! We had a blast. She is not a crafty person, but she has a great eye and can do it, she just doesn’t take the time to do it. She helped me do a lot of my planned crafty Christmas presents. She liked them so much we had to run to Wal-Mart to buy some for her to do. We stayed up until 2:00 am crafting! I am going to take some pics and post them too, when I have time. They left this morning around 11:30 and since I had already missed church I decided continued on with my day of crafting. I got a lot done. I still have several things to get done, but I am doing good on time right now. Well, that is all I have to share for now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season so far. I LOVE this time of year…it really is the most wonderful time of the year J. Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!

Updated with pics...

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