Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A day of shopping

The Holiday Market was in Greensboro NC this weekend. So my friend, Susan, and I decided we need to see what all the fuss was about and we got our butts up early on Saturday and drove over an hour to get there. She picked me up at 7:30 and we hit the road. First we had to stop for breakfast at Chick-fil-a…super yummmmmmmm! We got to the market around 10:00; traffic was a bear, but boy, was it worth it!! We spent about 5 hours at the Market and then we grabbed a bite at Steak n’ Shake. After that we hit Garden Ridge. This was my first ever trip to Garden Ridge, but I promise it won’t be my last! We spent well over an hour paroozing around there. I was able to buy a lot of things there that I need to make my Christmas gifts this year, so that was a huge plus. When we were finished there we popped back in the car and headed towards home, but first we had a few more stops on the way J…you really didn’t think we were done, did you? We went to AC Moore and bought a few items, then on to Hanes Mall and hit a few stores there. Then it was time for our 6:00 dinner reservation at Arigato (Japanese Steakhouse – the best in the area!!). We stuffed ourselves silly and then hit Krispy Kreme (after all that shopping for ourselves we had to bring something home for the family J), Sam’s, Michael’s and Target. I KNOW…we were just glutens for punishment. We finally had enough, our bodies and pockets could take no more! We headed home and Susan dropped me off around 10:00. I put my stuff in their respective rooms and hit the sack! I slept hard. I thought I would share a pic of the two goofballs we are…these are the fun hats we bought at Garden Ridge…we just couldn’t resist LOL! We are already talking about doing this again next year! Can’t wait!


  1. I love Garden ridge. There is one her in Charlotte and I love it! Sounds like you had a wonderful shopping day! :-)

  2. That's wife and I almost went to the same fair in Greensboro this year too. We only live 20 minutes from there (in Graham). Maybe we could get a ton of crafters/cricuteers to meet up there next year?