Sunday, August 22, 2010

WOOHOO - I Got My First Blog Award!

Yeah!!!  And it is super cute too J...

Thank you so much Alma!!!  You can visit Alma at her blog  My Pink Life.  It is so nice to know that the things we do are appreciated by others that enjoy the same hobby.

So now that I have been presented with this sweet little blog award I must follow the rules attached to it by completing the following:
1.  you must thank the person who passed it on to you - check
2.  copy award to your blog – check
3.  list three (3) things you love about yourself - check
4.  post a picture that you love on your blog - check
5.  pass award on to five (5) others – check   

Three things I love about myself:
1.   1.  My faith in the Lord – without Him I am nothing
2.   2.  My creativity (even when I am not feeling that creative)
3.   3.  My loyalty and dedication to my family, friends and work

A picture that I love (ok, I am cheating here…I am posting two):
These are my maternal grandparents.  I lost my Grandfather in July 2008 and my Grandmother in March 2009.  They were very special to me and I loved spending time with them.  Unfortunately I didn’t spend as much time as I should have.  These pictures were taken during a visit in 2004.  The first pic was taken in my car.  As you can tell, we always had a good time together…aren’t those smiles just contagious?!  We were actually on our way to where the next picture was taken.  I adore this pic.  It was a candid shot I took while they were getting ready for what they thought was the real picture.  My little ol’ Grandpa was just the sweetest thing and he just adored my Grandma…can’t you tell?  I miss them.

So, onto passing the award to five others:
1.   1. Tammi Skinner @ Creative Critters Cricut Club – Tammi has a style that I truly admire.  I love her personality and I think she is a little OCD about organization, like I am.  I just hope her blog isn’t too big to accept this blog award.  Her blog really is my go to blog when I am looking for some inspiration.
2.  Jamie Lane @ Bits of PaperJamie is a designer for several of my favorite places such as PK Glitz and  I am always inspired by her creations.
3.  Roberta Lima @ TX Scrapper Mom – although I am new to subscribing to her blog, I just love her creativity!  She is very talented and I am always anticipating her next post.
4.  Lori Coughlin @ Organized Chaos – Lori’s blog is very clever, you just have to see for yourself.  She is also very talented, and I love her style.
5.  Kay @ Clever Someday – Kay has a different kind of blog than the others above.  She posts amazing tips, tutorials and new ideas related to the Cricut.  She does a ton of research and brings it right to you so you don’t have to.  I have really enjoyed reading her posts over the last year.

So that’s it!  I hope all of these ladies get my email/post and accept the award.


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  2. Wow, thank you so much! I am honored you chose me to pass this award onto! :)