Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Day of Fun and Goodies from CKC!!

I had a great time at the convention Friday!  You didn’t think I wouldn’t did you?  LOL!  Sorry I am just now getting around to posting these.  I didn’t get home until 11:00 Friday night and was trying to get my housework done yesterday along with getting these pics and putting everything away.  The picture quality isn’t as good as I am used to…I used my little point and shoot for the first time in a year; I didn’t want to lug my good camera around all day.  You kind of forget the difference in quality ; makes me love my DSLR that much more!! 

So Friday morning my friend Debra and I left at 7:30 and drove down to Charlotte, which is about an hour and fifteen minute drive from my house.  We missed all the morning traffic (WOOOHOOO!) and made it there at 8:45.  Parked just about at the front door.  We went to the pre-registration booth, picked up our tickets and by that time the line that had formed for early entry was entering the vendor faire.  We got in line  to enter only to find out you actually had to purchase three classes to get in at 9:00…we misread our materials.  BUT, this wonderfully nice lady we talked to was sooooo nice to let us in .  I guess she felt sorry for us – even though it was our mistake.  It paid off though, I spent enough to make it worth their while. 

Our first stop was Tami Potter.  Funny thing was that we were taking her class that afternoon and had to get our mats for the class…their booth just happened to be the first one in the door!  I went ahead and purchased the kit that included the special mat with markings every 1/8 inch, a book with detailed instructions and page examples for the Mosaic Technique, the Quick Glance Guide, and two packs of grid paper containing 6 pages each (2 each of 3 different colors).  I guess it was my lucky day for some reason my kit had a Herma Dotto refill instead of the “Lil Chizler” that it was supposed to come with it. Debra and I discovered this later when we were in our class.  The even better news was that the Lil Chizler came in our class kit.  Kevin, Tami’s husband was nice enough to tell us that we would have a coupon in our class kit and to hold off on buying any pages until we took the class.

My second stop was SEI.  I wanted one of their assortment packs and had a coupon for 25% off.  I went to purchase On the Coast and ended up with Jocelyn.  I saw Jocelyn online, but fell in LOVE with Jocelyn in person.  Pictures just can’t do it justice.  And I totally love the names of the pages…check them out!  I also grabbed a few coordinating chalk inks.  What is so funny is that I hardly ever use SEI paper because it is so beautiful I hate to cut it.  I need to get over that!  It is great quality, and has a great thickness.  I haven’t used it in my Cricut YET though; but have heard it cuts beautifully.

My next mission was to find Jim at PK Glitz.  I love this stuff!  They have amazing glitter and I was on a mission to buy some embossing powder from him this time.  Of course, I walked away with a show special kit AND more.  I bought more glitter…I just couldn’t resist!  Their glitter is so sparkly and they have great colors.  I just can’t say enough good about their product.  The embossing kit I purchased came with two color wheels, a brush, an embossing tool, a couple of spoons and a 4 pack of Wonder Film.  In addition I bought one more embossing color wheel and two glitter wheels.  I saw these transparent glitters and thought they were so yummy I just HAD to have them!

After I hit my must haves I shopped around a little and came across this most adorable make and take at Strictly Scrapbooking’s booth.  The owner Sophia said she is setting up her online store now.  Her web address is  I made these two pages for $6…aren’t the butterflies gorgeous?  Of course I had to buy some.  I will definitely have her on my must have list next year.

It was now time to meet up with some of my Circle friends!  We were scheduled to meet in the café at 12:15.  Well the café had closed, but we still managed to find each other.  It was very good to meet everyone.  Here we are…from left to right we have me (Scubascrapper), SusanEdwards1, debraballance, SusanfromSC, Mary, and doodledo.   It is just so cool getting to meet people that have the same obsession, I mean share the same love for paper crafts as you hehehe and that you have been corresponding with on the message boards for a while.  It really is like a sisterhood.

After we met up with the Circle girls and had lunch I had to take about 30 minutes to do some work…then I headed back in to shop for a few minutes before my Tami Potter class.  I found the Paper Loft and found this awesome manly paper!  I just loved it.  I also found a few other papers I liked, but decided to just get the individuals instead of the entire packs since I didn’t like everything in them.  This is the Dude collection:

Isn’t that awesome for male pages, cards and gifts?  Here are the other pages I bought:

The first two are from the Slug Bug Collections and the last is from Autumn.  I just can’t wait to use those adorable scarecrows!

So on to the Tami Potter class.  We took the Falling for Mosaic – Advanced Technique class.  This class was focusing on the landscape pages that Tami had designed.  The pictures were provided in the kit, so these are not my pics.  Much easier for her to teach when everyone is  using the same thing.  Her techniques are truly genius!  She even explained that this technique will change the way you take pictures.  I am uber excited to use this technique for my upcoming trip to New York and for my Christmas Cruise!  I already have ideas and I haven’t even take the first picture LOL.  Anyway, here are the page layouts we made in class:

And LOOOOOOOK, I won a door prize !!  It was a page kit.  I guess Friday the 13th is a good day for me (as it has always been in the past).  Of course, just like Kevin said, there was a coupon that allowed us to purchase up to 5 more packs of gridline paper for $2.50 off the regular price and page kits at buy 2 get 2 free.  So what do you think I did?  Of COURSE…went and bought more Tami Potter stuff.  So here it is…

Oh, and I can’t forget my door prize…

I also got this freebie from Storyteller’s Club

Ok, well I think that is enough!  Sorry for the long post - complete overload, huh?  If you are in the area I hope you can join me next year at CKC!!

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