Friday, June 25, 2010

A challenge for myself and to you...

So today I was browsing through my RSS feeds and a post from Jennifer McGuire, ink caught my eye.  It was entitled “NEW Cards for Kids Card Drive - Round 3!”  As I was reading I was so touched and I feel compelled to challenge myself for the very first time (craft wise) to accomplish a project.  I am challenging myself to create AT LEAST one card for every child on the list (13 cards).  I am challenging you to do what you can.  Please join me in providing these children and their families with an uplifting card.  They face difficulties the majority of us will never know or understand and if I were in their shoes I would love to know that people were sending prayers my way. 
If you would like to take on my challenge, please post a comment letting me know what you propose to do.  Include a link to or the address of your blog so I may follow you and check up on your status with this challenge.  The deadline for this round of cards is Aug 30.  For further details on this project such as info on the children and their families, where to send the cards, please click here and here


  1. A little card can mean so much, especially to a sick child. I'm going to be sending cards in this round as well.
    Doris :)

  2. I love this idea! I'll go ahead and start on this as well. :)