Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Children's Sermon Project

I have our church’s children sermon once a month and so this month I decided to do my sermon on “Take up your cross and follow Jesus”. We always give out candy at the end of the sermon and of course with the start of the fall season, there is always candy corn. I found these little Ziploc type baggies in the jewelry section of Wal-Mart (which were cheaper than the plain cellophane treat bags in the craft section - and you get more too) and thought…”hey, I can put candy corn in there”. Anyway so I was going to make the little tags that go on top of the treat bags and figured since my sermon was about taking up your cross and following Jesus I thought what would be better than to have a cross on the tags? Well once I got that done it hit me that I could run the crosses that had been cut out through my xyron and make stickers, write ‘follow him’ on them and then stick them back in the cut out section. What kid doesn’t like a sticker, right?

During the sermon I showed them that they could take up their cross from their goodie bag and follow Jesus. It was a hit, not just with the kids, but the adults too. I have the .cut file if you would like it post a comment and I will email it to you. I used the Celebrations and Jubilee carts for this project. I had some 8 ½ x 11 cardstock in the orange and yellow and just wanted to use that since it matched the candy corn. I just cut squares in the yellow on my paper trimmer to show through the cut out. It was a very simple, quick project. If you use the cut file please make sure to pay attention to where to place your paper on the mat if using 8 ½ x 11 paper. Here is a link to the sermon…

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