Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few of my newest card creations

So I have three cards to show you…the butterfly card is for a co-worker’s birthday. The Pooh and Tigger card is for a friend’s birthday (she is a Pooh lover – I hope she likes it!). The Halloween card is for a friend who is begging me for a card since she didn’t get one on her birthday (but that was because I wasn’t into making cards yet – I just started around Mother’s day and didn’t really get into it until after Father’s day). She loves Halloween, so I thought I would try one out. Not to mention I just got my drippy goo punch about a week ago. So anyway, I hope you like them. Feel free to leave a comment or question!


  1. awesome cards! love the spider one!

  2. Great cards...The Pooh one is adorable! I'm jealous you found the drippy goo punch...I've been kicking myself since last year when I didn't get one!

  3. Looks like you've been on a roll....All of your projects are nice...TFS......I am now a follower......