Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Christmas Project of the Year!!

So as most of you know when you have a lot of people that you are trying to give a gift to, it is REALLY hard to find something affordable!  I really like to make stuff to give away to co-workers and to my church family.  Once I ran across these beautiful handmade ornaments (tutorial can be found HERE) and realized how VERY affordable they were I jumped right on it.  Of course Stampin’ Up no longer sells the kit that is mentioned in the tutorial, so I had to improvise. 

Materials Used:
Cardstock (various)
3” eye pins (found in jewelry section)
Crystal Gems
Clear Earring Backings
1/16” hole puncher

For all the materials listed above (excluding the hole puncher, which I already had) I spent less than $25.00; the paper was on sale for 40% off and I used one 40% off coupon for the rest of the stuff!  I can make at least 100 of these ornaments with this stuff!  The 3” eye pins come in packages of 50, I bought 2.  I found a package of 750 pearls and a package of 175 crystal gems.  The earring backs contained 325.  I am going to have plenty of supplies to make even more than 100, I would just need to buy more eye pins. 

I decided to change mine up a bit; some are double balls, some single, some have pearls and gems at the top and the bottom.  I don’t want them all to be exactly alike.  I will be switching up the papers too; the Christmas package I has so many cute pages and it looks like I should be able to make about 5-6 ornaments for every two sheets of cardstock. 

I am going to the Cricut Circle event in Greenville SC this weekend.  From what I hear you really don’t get any work done at these events, it is more about learning, socializing/meeting your fellow circle sisters than actually cropping.  However, I think I will take the stuff with me to make these ornaments…not a lot to pack and something I can start and stop if need be!!  Hoping to get a head start on making these :o}!!

I just love this time of the year!  Things start to get busy for me though.  I have several birthdays in my family in Nov and Dec, Husby and I go to Myrtle Beach in Nov every year (he attends a convention for work), then holidays  with cooking and baking and shopping and wrapping and lots of activities at church…you all know what I am talking about!!  Love it, love it, love it!!  Some of my friends think I am a freak LOL! 

What is  your favorite thrifty handmade Christmas gift?  Have you already started making or planning stuff for Christmas?  I am always looking for ideas, so please share!!

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