Sunday, May 8, 2011

MPS Challenge # 6 - Include a Tag in Your Project

I have enjoyed participating in MPS’s National Scrapbooking Day Challenges!  It really has pushed me to get a lot done this weekend.  I didn’t participate in all 12 challenges, but in most cases I was able to complete my projects in the 1 hour mark.  But this one and the next one I am posting took quite a bit longer because I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  I had bought just a little something for a friend (and co-worker) who is having a little baby boy in early June.  She is so excited, as it is her first child.  I found these really cute socks that are white with green and blue blue stripes (they match the packaging I made) and they have little shoestrings on them to make them look like little tennis shoes.  On the bottom of them one has “little” written on it and the other has “buddy”…how cute!!!!  Then I also found a mini Gund (LOVE Gund) cow that moos when you press his belly.  I hope she likes everything!

Oh, I almost forgot…I custom made the tag with my Gypsy by welding the airplane from New Arrival to match the decoration on the front of the bag.  

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