Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thanking my Girls with Designer Handbags (well, just a paper version)

I had an amazing weekend with my Mom, Aunt and Cousin this past weekend in NY.  I made these cute little purses for them as thank you gifts for all they did for me.  I put matching personalized note cards in two of them and my Mom had some pins she wanted to give my Aunt, so we used one as a gift bag of sorts.  They all loved them and I was very happy to get to spend the time with them.  It was wonderful.  I will be posting pictures from our trip in another post…I got soooooo many great shots I am having a hard time narrowing them down. 

Anyway, I used a tutorial I purchased from Inking Idaho to make the purses.  I also used Make the Cut to convert the files (and I even made them a little bigger) so I could cut them with my Cricut…it worked beautifully!!  And the best part is the files are now saved if I want to make more in the future…all I have to do is open the file and cut!!!  I LOVE my Cricut and my Cricut Carts, but I also like to have the flexibility that MTC offers.  I know a lot of people frown on it, especially PC, but I just don’t see the harm.  I am still buying carts…TRUST me.  Well, I hope you like them.  If you have questions just add a comment with a way for me to contact you and I will be more than happy to answer you.


  1. Brandi I've become one of your followers. I love beautiful purses. I would love to have the instructions to make these for my granddaughters, & daughter-in laws(ex also). These would be perfect to hold Chapstick, lotion, hairbows, crayons, etc... for Christmas present!!!

  2. Dianne, I don't have a way of emailing you direct...I purchased the tutorial from Inking Idaho (there is a link to her in my post). Because of her policy I cannot share it...I am so sorry. The good news is the tutorial was only 3.95 - VERY AFFORDABLE!! I then created a Make The Cut file so I could cut it with my Cricut instead of hand cutting them. If you would like to discuss this further please leave your email address. Thanks!

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