Saturday, January 2, 2010

My blinged out BUG!!

So, I was on the Cricut message boards New Years Eve just browsing when I saw a post "I double dare you...". Well, who can turn away from a double dare?! Well, the challenge was to decorate (I would rather call it bling) your Cricut, aka Bug. Well! I LOVED the idea. As most of you know, my screen name is scubascrapper so I had to come up with something that would go with me and my personality. My two favorite hobbies are scrapping (of the paper kind, not the fighting kind, LOL) and diving, so I decided I needed a "diving bug". I designed this cute little guy on my Gypsy using GBS, LL, LAB and FF and cut him out of green vinyl and then brown for the layers. I blinged him out with some rhinestones (eyes) and stickles (bubbles, antenna, and mask). I used AMU for my name. I used three layers on the name, not sure if you can see that well, but I tried to get a close up... my shadow blackout layer is pink, then I did the shadow layer in brown and I used green for the internal pieces of the outline feature.

I hope you like it! Maybe you should consider blinging your bug :)!

OK, OK, I know that snorkeling and scuba diving are different, but do you know how hard it would've been to make a tank and a regulator?! I think this is just giving everyone the basic idea...LOL! It really doesn't matter as long as your bubbles go up, so....BUBBLES UP!


  1. I found your blog from The Pink Stamper....but I saw the "Double Dare" also....I LOVE what you did to yours! Very creative! :-D

  2. I LOVE your cricut!!! I'm not brave enough to paint my E...but I will attempt spicing it up with colored vinyl:-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice job! I love the creative bug!