Friday, September 2, 2011

Step Card for my Husby's 45th

My DH turned 45 this year...whew he is getting old (I love teasing him LOL). Anyway, I saw a card style in the Creating Keepsakes magazine that I wanted to try, so I gave it a whirl. I really like the way it turned out. He loves sweets so what better to put on it than a bunch of sweet treats? When I gave him the card he said, "next time you could at least sign it" (I will explain the significance in a minute), so I had to show him the pocket sentiment. I really thought I made it obvious with the tag pertruding out of the side and the bright ribbons, but you know men LOL. Of course I loved glittering this bad boy up and I also glossy accented the sundae glass and cherries.  I also heat embossed some clear sparkle to one of the presents.

The DH has a TERRIBLE track record for card/gift giving. His family just doesn't do much of anything for birthdays, so I guess old habits are hard to break. Well there have been several times where I have had to sit in the car while he ran into a store to buy me a birthday card. There was also once where he gave me one that he hadn't signed and I handed it back at him and asked "who's this from?" he replied, "me" and I said "well, are you planning on returning it?" he said "no, why" and I replied "then if you can't sign the da*# thing, then don't bother". Of course we laugh about it now, but I was not amused at the time!!

I love how it turned out.  I just love bright colors…they are so fun!  Have ever tried a step card?


  1. What a cute story! I am lucky to get all! Your step card is just so much fun and creative! Thank you for sharing!

    Haven't tried a step card yet, but I LOVE yours. Especially ALL the details...
    Don't forget you can find me on the cricut MB.LOL

  3. Beautiful card! Love all the details - step cards are so much fun! What a cute story! I am laughing with you!
    Hugs, Wini