Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This is one of those duh moments…you know when you forget to take good pictures of a project you have made.   Oh well!  At least I happened to take some pics that it in them. 
My Aunt’s father (no, not my Grandfather, Aunt by marriage…hehehe, that is the first question I am asked) turned 85 on Father’s Day this year.  She and my Uncle threw him a big birthday bash at their farm.  So, I made a….take a guess….AN EXPLODING BOX, LOL!!  I know, I have been on an exploding box kick.  I just love them, they are sooooo versatile.  Man, woman, birthday, wedding, you name it, it works!!  I changed it up a bit though, this time instead of making it for pictures, I made it so everyone attending the party could sign.  This would serve as a momento for the guest of honor.  I mean, really, what can you give an 85 year young MAN for his birthday, other than a big bash of a party?   The theme was a patriotic theme.  He served in the Navy and is very patriotic; so I thought why not make the box patriotic?  Here is what I came up with (and the sorry excuse for pictures that I made of it)…

After he figured out what it was he really liked it LOL. In one of the pics you can see me (well, my arm) showing him what it was and how it worked. He was afraid to touch it because when he started to open it he was a little rough with it and all the ladies started hollering at him…it was quite comical J. I thought it matched the theme very well! The last pic is to show the theme so you can see for yourself (that is my Aunt, who I love very much, in the picture...she is one special lady).

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  1. How fun! Your exploding box turned out great! I am glad he liked it - it did match the theme very well.
    Hugs, Wini

  2. oh my gosh That is to funny of a story!! Did he think he was to rip it open and find goodies inside? I love making them and your's is super Awesome!! TFS!!

    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  3. The box came out awesome. Love that it is a keepsake!

  4. Adorable project. I am sure that will be kept for years to come. TFS

  5. LOL! funny story...old age and modern crafting don't go together. Your boxes are so pretty...I just gotta try and make one. TFS

  6. That's a great story. They probably scared the heck out of him when they started yelling. I just love these exploding box cards. They're just beautiful.


  7. Just started following your blog today! Loved your box!!

  8. That came out so neat!!! I love it! I bet everyone there thought it was great!!! I just love handmade cards and gifts :-)

  9. I can tell that you thought about his gift, & you did an awesome job!!! I had to show/tell my husband the story/pic, he loved it also :). TFS I have become one of your followers :)
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