Sunday, August 16, 2009

My First Scrapbook Convention!!!

I went to my first scrapbook convention on Friday. A friend of mine and I drove to Charlotte for the Creative Keepsakes Convention. I loved it! It was so exciting to get to see all the supplies available and to see demos on techniques that are out there. Although I watched a few, I didn’t concentrate too much on watching techniques, as I was in awe of all the supplies! There aren’t any local craft stores where I live (small town) so I was all over that! Maybe next time I will watch the techniques and do some make and takes, maybe I will even take a class or two. Anyway, I was very happy with my purchases. I had been debating on whether to purchase the Glue Glider Pro or an ATG gun. The convention cleared that up for me. I got to see the real size of them both and I opted for the Glue Glider Pro! Besides the much more manageable size it is pink and GREEN (green is my fav); much cuter than red and black!!! I also love the easily interchangeable glue inserts/refills. There are three types of inserts…perma tac (the standard), high tac (for heavy duty gluing) and repositionable (great for one of the new techniques I did watch – Mosaic Tiling). They just slide right in and out and are so easy to change!! I just can’t wait to use them on a real project :O).

My other great buy was the Cricut Cuttables Stamp kit. I bought this for a steal @ 15.99! Most everywhere I have looked online is selling this for 29.95. I went ahead and bought extra stamp material too. I have been wanting to get into stamping, but I don’t want to get too involved…I only want to have a few for card making. I bought a few clear stamps that day too. I picked up items for two new techniques (well new to me). The first is the Tami Potter Mosaic Moments Grid Paper (I can’t wait to try this technique it looks so cool). I pretty much have all the tools needed to make this work, it will just take some time to figure it out without having the book. The other is some colored chalks for what some people call distressing and some call inking? These were the two terms I heard for it. I will definitely use this for many different things.

Ok, last but not least…and I know, I am a REAL dork for saying this, but I got to meet Cricut Dan!! He was there doing Cricut demos. The poor guy has traveled 80,000 miles this year so far. IDEA!!! I think we should all send his wife a card thanking her for letting us borrow him J. What do you think? Well thanks for taking the time to look on my blog. I hope you leave me a comment (especially if you have tips about some of the items I purchased, or techniques I am going to try :o) – I use way too many smileys, don’t I?)!

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