Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Card and Nintendo DS Gift box for 9 year old Nephew

Well, I haven’t posted any projects in a while…to be honest I have done too many. Here is what I have to share with you…

Card is Gifts Pup from Paper Pups. Nintendo DS game gift box using Graphically Speaking for the Nine9 image for my nephew.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am a GYPSY owner!!!

I did it! I broke down and ordered the Gypsy last night.  HSN had a second round order for a Gypsy bundle.  This time HSN included the Destinations cartridge.  It appears to be a full content shapes cartridge.  However, its contents seem to be a mystery as there are no pics to be found of the images on this cart, so I am quite intrigued.  It is expected to be delivered by Nov 12, which is just awesome as I am headed to the beach on the 15th and I usually make my Christmas cards while I am there, so that will work out perfectly.

I was originally going to hold out for Black Friday to see if the price came down, but I was able to use a 15% off coupon code which I just couldn’t resist.  I hope I am not disappointed the time BF comes around.  It is still so new I just don’t know if they will have it as a special.  I guess if they put it on sale for 199.95, I would still have to think I came out ahead because the bundle comes with a carrying bag and the extra cartridge.  The carrying bag is supposed to be exclusive to HSN and HSN also offers a 3 year protection plan for 39.95, which I don’t believe any of the craft stores are going to offer.  The plan even includes damage from dropping!  Well for now I am ecstatic about my purchase and can’t wait for Nov 12!!!!

On another note, I just made my first wordbook; it is a Halloween book.  BugJunkie did a video series on how to make one and so I pretty much copied hers for my first try…I will post pics later.  I think it is cute and am thinking I have to make some as Christmas presents for friends. I already have a few ideas in mind for a couple of my friends.  Can’t wait to get started!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wish me luck!!

I wanted you all to know that it is the last day to make an entry to the to win the new Gypsy!!  I don’t normally have the right type of luck to win stuff so I hadn’t entered until today.  I got a wild hair…who knows, maybe tomorrow will be my day, right? J  Wish me luck…oh and feel free to enter here *no don’t, really, I want to win* OHHHH did I really say that?  LOL!  Good luck to all.